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Hello, US!

Finally! It’s time for Acts of Vanishing to hit the shelves on the other side of the pond! For all of you reading this in the US — keep your eyes open on April 24th!

Glædelig jul, Danmark!

Well — Merry Christmas to everyone, of course! But for those of us speaking Danish, here’s a newly released suggestion to put under that tree…! Et vågent øje — nu i din danske bogbutik!

Maintenant en France…

Oui, c’est vrai! Starting today, Dérivations is available in French stores.
Find it on Amazon — or in your physical store with doors and windows!

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Ett vakande öga

2016 (Swedish title)

A father’s search. A daughter in danger. A terrifying secret.

It was ten past four on the afternoon of the third of December. Everything was darkness and ink, and the snow falling turned to water.

Through it ran Sara Sandberg, the girl who was about to die, and somewhere in the cold, lead-grey hell that was Stockholm was a man who called himself her father.

In her rucksack, she had a warning for him.

Now whether he would receive it or not was all down to her.

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Slutet på Kedjan

2014 (Swedish title)

Every second could be our last. Unless one man can rewrite our future.

’We’ve been looking for you,’ they tell William Sandberg when they abduct him. Imprisoned at a secret location, this broken genius can only win his freedom by completing an impossible task.

Out on the streets, people begin to die horrible, gruesome deaths. Every moment that William fails to complete his task, more will perish.

The search is on to rescue William as catastrophe after catastrophe kills thousands. But soon William realises the answer to the puzzle might be the most terrifying secret of all.

Also available in these languages (and more) :
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Film & TV

About me.

For my tenth birthday I wished for a typewriter. If life were a well-structured script, that would have been the day when I realized I wanted to be a writer.

Instead, I spent most of my childhood convinced that I would grow up to become an actor. Following a youth filled with self-produced revues, farces and comedies, most of which I wrote or co-wrote in order to have something to perform, I moved to Stockholm in the early nineties to study acting for real.
After that, I went on to study the art of waiting for gigs that didn’t come.

If, again, life were a well-structured script, this would have been when I found my old typewriter. In reality it never reappeared after I moved out from my parents.
But writing, per se, never left me. And as I waited for the acting gigs to start coming, I started writing plays and sketches and spec scripts for television. And the rest, as rests tend to be, is history. 

Today, I am a full-time screenwriter for film and television, working in genres from sitcom to thriller and with scripts for exports such as Johan FalkJordskott and the TV series about Maria Wern behind me.
From time to time, I moonlight as a director and a standup comedian. And I still haven’t quite let go of the belief that I will become an actor when I grow up.

Oh, and in 2014, my first novel Chain of Events came out in Sweden, subsequently chocking me and everyone else by selling to more than 25 countries.
If only my typewriter knew.